Thursday, January 18, 2007

RSF (WEST) Update #5: MySpace

I'm learning a little more about this whole "viral marketing" thing these days. If you've heard of the Internet and have been anywhere near a computer than you've more than likely heard of or even the ever-growing and more than popular Yes, you know of these things? Good, than this will make it easier on both of us.
I've spent a good portion of my days off loading video clips to these various sites, building and maintaining these sites, and clicking around through overloaded pages on a search for friends to add. The grand hope of this cyberspace misadventure is to get a few more people familiar with or, at the very least, somewhat interested in what our film DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS is all about.
Upon loading these clips, I decided to dig in and add a little bit of personality to the site by loading a few clips from the "MAKING OF" portion of the extras on the DVD. Here you can see a scene of well played "humour" (counting on the fans of British humor to help me out here) and it's accompanying clip from the "MAKING OF" so that everyone gets a little behind the scenes laugh in addition to all of the nut jokes we lay out there for you from the movie. Click on the scenes and watch them. I'll get back to you in about five minutes.

Add to My Profile More Videos
Making of DMOT: Nut Jokes

Add to My Profile More Videos

Back already? Laugh a little bit? Laugh a lot? Fantastic. So, that's an example of the things you can find out there from these websites. A little viral marketing for those Internet zombies starved for entertainment. There are plenty more of these clips available for the viewing... In addition plenty more will be added as we work our days along toward festivals and all the like. So, would you like to see more? Here's where you can find the Official DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS - The Movie! MySpace site:

If you have a MySpace page, add us. It's an easy way for us to get in touch with all of our friendly Internet junkies out there.
On another note, I've been looking for work outside of news. I think that I may have quite a great opportunity coming up... but I'm in a "trial period" where these new employers are seeing if they like me and if I like them. It's like making friends on the playground... or high school... or really cool adults that realize that they're kind of playing for a living.
Will I miss news? Yeah, some of it. But I'm not in the clear yet.
As far as my little rant earlier about submitting to film festivals, anyone that has ever run through the gauntlet of this festival submission mess can more than likely relate. There are manic ups and downs that come with acceptance or denial. So far, the pretty girl around the corner "unnamed Film Festival" doesn't like us that way. So, I'm going to have to ask out her sister and make her jealous. It's a huge game and for some reason I felt like I needed to let people know that (in the words of David Bowie) "It ain't easy."

Check out the MySpace page and get back to us!!



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