Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Through the Electric Eye: Tahoe '08

It's been a while since I've taken a brief moment in time to self-indulge and post the random bits and pieces of my otherwise rough and tumble life. Now that I've nestled into the soil of the West Coast sandy beaches, I've become a little more comfortable with these strange surroundings. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy them. It's nice to have the thrills of a vast urban environment as well as the quiet calm of a beach side abode. I've made a couple of Award Winning Short Films in that time and have started pre-production on another feature that involves more than a fistful of short screenplays in various stages of development, with various different writers, directors, and we haven't even touched casting.
So here's a little fun. My new toy- the NIKON D80. It was a fancy man-toy gifted to me from the wife. I've always thought that I had an eye for pictures, so I thought that I'd continue to develop the finer art of one-frame-at-a-time.
We took a weekend trip to Tahoe this year. WE=10 adults, 3 dogs, and a baby. After the first night of drinking, I took up snowboarding... which apparently isn't that hard for me. I knocked that out in 15 minutes or so. Now, I was on a relatively small learning slope... but I'm ready to move on to steeper pastures. Enough on that. The second night, I took on the task of having our cast and crew embody an oddball SEARS catalog shoot from the swingin' drug induced '70s. The following photo-blog are the fruits of that labor. Enjoy. And yes, for all those that used to drool over CBS Newspath, that is Teresa Estacio.


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