Monday, May 29, 2006

Momma said knock you out

It was a steamy Saturday afternoon in Bartlett, Tennessee. Long, arduous hours had been spent twisted in a battle of wits... Man vs. Machine, Art vs. Technology. Neither side would give an inch of ground as the Earth stressed and tore beneath them. Finally, something slipped. Perhaps, the computer wasn't paying attention... Or perhaps after weeks of delivering and absorbing disastrous, destructive blows the processor had finally made the decision to throw in the towel and let the feeble humans take some joy in their small victory... Or perhaps the binary Gods that lingered somewhere in the electronic hum of the "great unknown" took pity upon those poor souls that had prayed and troubled over such a silly thing as a movie. We may never know what happened or why this bright burst of change had taken place. One thing is certain, Bevan and Anthony have won the match. After months of slaving away, the DVD problems (amid the home studio) have been solved and Rusted Sun Film's second feature film DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS can now be sent off to be duplicated, wrapped up, and made available to all of you. Within two or three weeks, we should have the DVDs. There are extras. There is new artwork. There is a love to share all of this with all of you and it is now finally possible!
I admit, when the infamous "layer break" issue had finally been solved I jumped into the air and came crashing down with "Hi-fives," joyous cheers, and middle fingers pressed firmly into the invisible barrier between the computer and the downstairs television.
"I beat you Motherf#({er," I screamed in delight. "I beat you." I smiled a painfully stretched grin of pure pleasure. The underdog had taken the heavyweight down. My eyes were wide and sparkled with psychosis. It was done. It was finally done.
So there was a knockout in round five. The count is still slowly coming across and we are waiting to see if the computer is going to get up to deal a few more blows (because in my daydream world of movies and technology time doesn't operate the way that it's supposed to... which might offer a small explanation for the extraordinarily long delay).
Yes, I realize that with the film's premiere release at Malco Studio on the Square and the subsequent release of the DVD actually works out to about 3 months-- The standard time of operation between films that actually have budgets and then a distribution release. However, I have learned that when films do come out, they don't always comply to a 3 month period between releases. I'm still waiting on the DVD release of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and The Matador. Don't even get me started on why Brick hasn't even played here yet. Maybe we'll have a DVD release party where everyone can meet with the filmmakers and cast, get things signed, make-out in a dark corner, possibly have a few drinks, and... oh yeah... pick up a copy of the movie. I'll keep you informed of how it goes. It's not too far away. Start taking your orders down on slips of paper. They're going to be priced to move. I'll have to make sure I can give correct change in return.



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