Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Turn of the Taciturn: A letter to a friend

I recently found myself deep in personal reflection when writing a letter to a friend. It was a reply to a simple subject line: Still Alive?
I felt it necessary to post a short New Years Eve blog to remind myself (and those of you that actually read this shit) of where I've been and where I wish to be. I don't make resolutions. I make devised plans. The letter follows:

Yes, I am indeed still alive... I've been buried with work lately. We've been doing a lot of construction these last few weeks, and I'm still working on it today... and will continue to work on it throughout the following weeks. I'm a manager and a glutton for punishment, so I guess I have no one but myself to blame.
I've decided to really focus next year. I did kind of just fuck off in 2008. sure, I made some short films and what not... but I didn't really have the drive or focus that I did when I got here (SF) or before I left Memphis. Tomorrow I'll be taking a good portion of the day and proof reading the short film scripts we've been toiling over this last year, then sending them out for a fresh start. I'll email you a copy of it as well. We'll go into production one at a time. I'm hoping that the project really gets pulled together. It's a monumental task and certainly overwhelming from the start, but I'm ready to put myself into it. I've got to give up some of my "screw-off" time to focus on my dreams.
One of my Christmas presents was a custom made light box for my Mylar poster of Divine Manipulation of the Threads. I'll be hoisting it on the wall tomorrow to serve as a beacon and guiding light toward my desired future. Christ, this sounds like a blog already.
No more bad food. No more 4-night-a-week binge drinking. Occasionally I'll allow myself to have some breaks and "me" time, but you know the consequences of following your dreams, do you not?
I hope that you'll be on the same path. I could certainly use a confidant and partner in crime. We're not getting any younger, and I'm afraid that my good years of youth have been wasted on foolishness. Before you know it there will be kids and mortgages and ghostly visions of the dream that once was. While I've still got a little piss and vinegar in my system I'm going to bite it's fucking ear off and wait to punch the world below the belt while the ref isn't looking.
Give me a call tonight if you like. You'll be ahead a few hours for the turn of the year but with all hopes I'll be neck deep in a highball drink on a low key evening.
Talk soon,


So, I guess we'll wait and see what the turn of the year brings. I hope that you're all well, fat-drunk-and-merry. Happy New Year


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