Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Discs Are In: Farewells to come...

I'm having a very difficult time this week/weekend. There is an energy humming about the air... something that gives me a great amount of joy. The immediate response to these happy incarnations are that the DVD copies of DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS are in hand and actually work this time. What is more important is that they've yet to show a flaw!! Yes, the mystery glitch has been defeated and the film, commentary, and DVD extras all magically come to life the way they were intended. The man that made all of this happen deserves 1000 thanks. Trai Forrester. For those of you that want to avoid the chaos that took "us" for a ride, then contact Trai for more information. He can be located through . It's well worth it.
Anthony, Brad, and I will have discs on hand to shell out at $10 a pop. We're still working on re-vamping the Official Rusted Sun Films website so that those of you that aren't in the immediate area can order a copy of the disc through a secure sales site. Hopefully you'll be able to order them via the internet soon. For those of you that are in Memphis and would like to purchase a copy, please feel free to e-mail us at,, or
I'll be sending the film out on the festival circuit very soon. I don't want to miss any dates or deadlines. I know that Nashville's deadline is creeping over the horizon... and I have to get the screeners, paperwork, and money in before it's too late. This film is too good not to give it a decent chance at running.
It also brings me to the first of a handful of sad notes. Many of you know that Indie Memphis took place this weekend and continues on through the week. We weren't invited to play this year. I was invited to a "Indie Memphis Opening Night Afterparty" by a friend of mine who actually has a film in the festival. I'm acting in the film, so why not, right? Plus it was two blocks from my house. There were a fair amount of people there, everyone talked film and bullcrap. I got to say hello to a few friends. Indie Memphis used to be my favorite festival. They had always made "us" (Rusted Sun Films) feel welcome. They made us feel like we were on the path of doing something. Unfortunately this year all of that changed. I didn't even get a "hello" or a nod from those involved with running the festival. Of course, maybe they didn't recognize me... it was night. For those that did decide to talk to me... thank you... I had a good time.
The second sad note is that my moving date is growing closer and closer. My home is a wreck of boxes and scattered hodge-podge that hasn't found a box or other method of cross country transportation. I've sold a good deal of my worldly belongings for a fist full of dollars. I sit in my mother's antique rocking chair and become bored... a little depressed... thinking of my friends... fearing the struggles that will tear at my head and heart. I'm leaving a job that I've worked at for 10 years. I basically grew up there. I'm leaving friends that have shown me what it means to be a "real" friend. I'm leaving behind my beloved Memphis, a dirty little curbside that has been my home for 20 years. These manic swings and slides that I thought had disappeared some 5 years ago have returned... if only for a moment... or two to three weeks.
I'm going to miss this place... and it's just starting to dawn on me. It reminds me of when I was 8 years old and left Kansas for Mississippi. The small Kansas town of Halstead (and various parts of Wichita) is all I had known. It was heartbreaking. I'm doing the same thing at the age of 29... except for this time I'm doing it of my own accord. This is my birth into adulthood. I guess you can't be a 30 year old boy forever.
Although this is still in the "pre-production stages," Anthony and I have talked about expansion. With all good intentions, Christine and I will be heading up Rusted Sun Films (West). I'm currently fumbling my way through writing another script and there will have to be some equipment purchases in the near future... but Rusted Sun Films will eventually have a West Coast Office... and I'm proud to say that I will be able to remain a part of this great thing that we've built.
I'm sure I'll think of something more to say at another point. However, I'm kind of tapped at the moment. This whirlwind of life is currently knocking the breath out of me. At least TCM was playing TOUCH OF EVIL. There will be more to come soon.