Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RSF (WEST) Update #6: It's Official

It helps to have friends... you know... someone to back you up when you get into a fight that might just be a little above your scale of warfare... A friend that is there for you when all the cards are playing against you and your amazingly entertaining little Indie Film is struggling to get the attention of festivals around the country. It's great to have friends... the kind of friends that support all of your lame-brained ideas and Dreams of Independent Film Grandeur. There are people you can count on. I'm always surprised at the support that I get from people that have seen DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS or have had a hand in making it (quite simply) stand out above the rest. I'm not putting any one's film down. The bane of the Memphis Filmmaker is to simply put out ideas, film a half-cocked script, set it in motion and then self-destruct in production... leaving all of those that ever believed in your "movie dream" with the taste of self-centered asshole in their mouth. I'm not that guy. At Rusted Sun Films we strive for excellence, entertainment, and the proof that you can make a great film with talented performances, above average production, and laughs abundant without a budget - much less the millions of dollars that other productions spend. I'm not saying that it's easy. It can be done though.
So, thank you. Thank you friends of film. Thank you friends of Rusted Sun Films and our newly founded West Coast (home) Offices RSF(WEST). We have now received our first acceptance to a film festival in the year of 2007. The first to answer the call is none other than the festival that showed us the most love in 2005... that's right, BAREBONES INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, the festival that awarded me the 2005 Indie Auteur BoneHead, has accepted DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS for competition. We are pleased to be involved in "The Friendliest Festival" once again. Although, I am now working in San Francisco and paying rent in Pacifica... I will do my best to make arrangements to come back home to BareBones. I'm in a better mood knowing that people actually want to show and see the film. I was beginning to lose faith... at that ever fragile stage that filmmaker go through wondering if all of this pain, sweat, and hard work was all for nothing and that all of my precious time was wasted. So in celebration of being accepted, I'm sharing with you a brand new trailer for the film. Click... enjoy.... then read on...

Divine Manipulation of the Threads Trailer2

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So, I also checked out my little featured extra cameo in Craig Brewer's film Black Snake Moan. I can tell that it's me. My friends have called and said that they recognized me. So, that's pretty cool. Just another step on the trail of Indie Film land greatness. It's not like Craig reads this thing... but Craig, if you do happen to stumble upon this rag, I'm still available for work... wink, wink...

That's all for the update now. I'll have something more this weekend. When I actually get some time off. Starting a new job is rough as hell, man.