Monday, December 18, 2006

Rusted Sun Films (WEST): Update #3 - Merry Christmas

We've rounded the corner and the holidays have pounced from their shadowed striking position once again. Although, I knew that they were hiding just around the bend, they always seem to startled me with how quickly the holidays arrive. Thanksgiving melds directly into Christmas, the sales go blood-red with madness, cookies come in the mail, Holiday parties are planned, drinks are consumed by the gallon, and let us not forget... The Ham That Killed Momma Cass.
The early weeks of December have so far brought a few more paychecks so that we may pay a few more bills, re-instate my car insurance, attempt to get another iPod on the cheap (since someone smashed the window of the KPIX livetruck I was working out of and snatched my workbag), and try to figure out what expenses can be held at bay while we spend our hard earned money on a broad range of gifts for loved ones. 'Tis the Season after all my good fellows. The holidays bring family stress, a few fits of depression, and the worktime blues (especially for me seeing as how I'll be working the majority of the holidays). I do not mean for this to sound as a woesome invitation to the blues... I know that the holidays are manic joys, even if it's as simple as stuffing your face full of holiday goodness and feeling guilty about it later. It's all give and take... just give a little more than you take this year.
I am working on a few Christmas Projects for those closely knit friends of the Rusted Sun Films family. The new editing computer that is on loan from Christine has helped the process immensely. Anthony has been very helpful in sending assistance from our Memphis home office in ways of some software plug-ins and all of the like. I have also been busy sending DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS out to film festivals around the country.
Let us not forget how expensive this process is. Film festivals charge a fee to submit your film for consideration. This fee can range anywhere from 30 dollars to 100 dollars. The ranges of fees fluctuate with time and date... earlybird, regular, late, extended... though they average around 50 dollars a pop. It also takes another little cut into the pocketbook with shipping costs. All in all, we end up spending money to share our beloved no-budget film with those like-minded or curious individuals around the country. People continue to tell me how much they love the film... so we need to get the word out one way or another. Anyone want to get a tattoo?
The festivals that we've submitted to so far are: Nashville Film Festival, Cinequest, Barebones International Independent Film Festival, and Ashland Independent Film Festival. I will be putting two more in the mail this week (if I can fight the droves of people filling the post offices to the extent that a Fire Marshall can handle) so that we can broaden our range of options. Film festivals, though they are loving to a great many of varied films, eventually have to turn away a great number of artistic submissions. Not everyone gets to play on the team. Let us just hope that we make the Varsity cut. As the year creeps on, we should hear back from these festivals as to whether or not we get to screen. Keep your fingers crossed.
It should also be said that support for our film is more than appreciated. DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS is also for sale at . You can make a safe internet purchase and have it shipped to any address you desire. They make great Christmas gifts... wink, wink, hint, hint. There are also fun downloads, photos, bios, etc that can be found on the ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT. Just click here --> to join in on the fun. Speaking of fun, somewhere on the site is a link that will take you to the "fun" production photos that were taken while on set.
Christine, Anthony, Brad, and I all wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a "fantabulous" New Year. I'll try to do better on keeping this thing up to date. I'm working a lot these days... got to make money to buy a camera.